Apple Love


Last week while having lunch at a trendy new restaurant in the shopping district, I noticed a woman passing by my table with a bag from the Apple Store. That sense of wonder and curiosity that my brain once reserved exclusively for shopping bags from recognizable clothing boutiques washed over me. I wondered for a moment what might be in that bag? I made a mental checklist of the size of the bag in relation to the size of some of my Apple favorites. This is when it occurred to me that I have crossed the threshold - I am Apple obsessed.

I've been on trips where I realized upon departure, that I had once again bypassed the city's most notable landmarks in favor of perusing the shopping neighborhoods. Shopping for clothes was my hobby and something I was good at. The funny thing is, these days I will still make the 30 minute drive from my house to the shopping mall, but more often than not I'm going straight to the Apple Store. I love everything about it. The clean lines, the tables decorated with iPads and MacBooks, the tattooed and pierced kids working there who are twice as smart as I am, the efficient way my incredibly cool new products are rung up remotely and without a paper receipt. Everything. Now while the shopping aspect of the Mac experience is in my estimation epic, the final frontier is the product. The sense of contentment I feel while sitting at my desk surrounded by it all, is unmatched. I do most of my copywriting, blogging and social media tasks on my MacBook, I like to Tweet from my iPad (which I carry in my handbag), and my iPhone is for talking, texting, taking photos, Tweeting photos, finding restaurants, getting directions to said restaurant, the list is endless...

Let's be honest, I'm certainly not the only person who watched the Sept 12th Key Note address in it's entirety. I'm also fairly confident that I'm not the only person who wept as Apple CEO Tim Cook described the soon to be released iOS 6, which among countless other amazing features, boasts 100 million points of interest, panoramic photo capabilities, a revolutionary new 3D map app, et al… Also in the video, they showed images of the new Apple Store in Madrid. Located on Passeig de Gracia, built out of limestone from a local quarry, with a signature glass staircase, it is the perfect place to explore and experience new products. I cannot wait to get to Madrid! To the Mac Store that is… maybe I'll hit the Prado Museum and the Palacio Real on the way back to the airport.